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14 March 2019 – Chattanooga, TN

I bought a house in Chattanooga the first week of January.  The builder hadn’t put the sod in the week of closing because it was “too wet.”  He assured us, he would get it done within the next two weeks, weather permitting.  Well, the Tennessee River valley received a record 67.1 inches of rain in 2018.   (The 20 year average was 49.33 inches according to the TVA;  let those 17.77 extra inches sink in for a minute.)  2019 has already said “hold my beer; watch this!” and has dumped 23.89 inches in two and a half months.  Needless to say, my yard is still full of mud and there isn’t a single square inch of sod around.

I also haven’t caught a fish in 2019.  It is nearly mid march.  Granted I have only been out to fish twice this year; once to go musky fishing (which is… let’s face it… probably not the best target species to get on the board).  The other time was a trip up to wade the Hiwassee River about an hour from where I live.  “Going fishing” would not be truthful.  Trying not to fall down and drown is more like it.  

The guy at the shop in Reliance warned me that the TVA was NOT following a regular release schedule, and that no trout was worth dying for.  He was right… on both accounts.  I packed it in after about an hour and went home.  

So here I sit on March 14th — fishless and bitter.

It looks like we may get a full week of sun next week.  Maybe the sod will finally go in.  But I’d settle for my first fish of the year. 

"The dirt's turned to mud and my hands are tied!" - My builder



Hey there!  I’m Clark. I am an avid outdoorsman currently living in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I am passionate about fly fishing, bow hunting, wing shooting,  conservation, writing, photography, and art.  This site is a place to share information and art that speaks to me, as well as a place to share some of my own photos and stories. 

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