• My name is Clark French. I am 29 years old and currently reside in Charlottesville, Virginia. I am an avid outdoorsman and am passionate about conservation and preservation.

    I like to be outside. I spend most of my time chasing fish with a fly-rod (or thinking about it).

    Fly fishing became a part of my life fairly early on. As a kid I chased cow-pasture pond bass and bream with a four-weight that my godfather bought for me from Bass Pro.

    The sport always stuck with me, but I really fell off the wagon and became a full blown addict while living in Charleston, South Carolina after college. So much so that after a few years I traded my intense job for one with more flexible hours so I could spend more time outdoors. My love for running a skiff in a salt marsh, and chasing tailing redfish, is second only to the love I have for my wife, Ellen.

    We recently moved to Charlottesville so she could pursue a master’s degree in American Literature. Luckily, Shenandoah National Park is only twenty-five minutes from my front door. So I have traded my eight-weight for a fiberglass two-weight, tailing redfish for rising brook trout, and the South Carolina Lowcountry for the Virginia backcountry.

    My love for this wonderful sport continues to grow with every new friend I make and every new place I get to experience.

    I have always been drawn to the creative. This site is my attempt to quench that thirst while sharing my experiences and the stories of the people I encounter with the rest of the world.