My name is Clark French. I am 28 years old and live in Charleston, South Carolina. Growing up I was always pulled towards the creative, but somewhere along the way I became convinced that making lots of money equaled success and success equaled happiness. So after five years of working very hard at a corporate job with "unlimited earning potential" I found myself pegged as "very successful with a bright future," but I had never been more miserable. There was never one monumental moment when I realized I needed to make a change; there were many of them.

I found myself happiest when I was outdoors in the raw beauty that the South Carolina Low Country offers up. I was blown away by the light and the colors of the rising and setting sun over the salt flats. I became enamored with tailing redfish, the whistling squeal of oystercatchers, and the daily rising and falling of the tides. The more time I spent on long walks through short spartina grass with a fly rod, the more I realized it was time for something to change.

In August of 2016 I quit my job to focus more time on the things I am passionate about. These photos serve to document that passion. I hope they make you feel something. (And don't worry, I still have a day job.)

Clark French Photography